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“Much of the extra-virgin Italian olive oil on the market is not Italian or virgin” 

New York Times

Devoleum Blockchain offers transparency and traceability 

For EVOO producers, the blockchain means that any attempts to tamper with a product as it moves through the supply chain can be immediately identified and prevented before the product ever reaches the retailer. For retailers, if a potentially hazardous product somehow makes it onto shelves, stores can identify and remove only the offending items, eliminating the need for costly batch recalls. For consumers, the blockchain offers the transparency and openness needed to reassure them that the EVOO they eat is exactly what the label says it is. Consumer trust in italian EVOO is already damaged and demand for full traceability is only growing stronger, the new generation of consumers are savvy enough to seek reassurances of quality past just what is printed on the label. Devoleum provides a method of substantiating these previously unsubstantiated claims, strengthening customer loyalty for the italian companies who can consistently guarantee quality and EVOO safety.

Elisa Romondia

CEO & Co-Founder

MSc Psychology of Development
@ Sapienza Università di Roma

Front end developer and UX designer,
her family owns secular olive trees in the
Gargano promontory where is produced
EVOO DOP Dauno, required all over the
world for its organoleptic properties

Lorenzo Zaccagnini

CTO & Co-Founder

MSc Psychology of Development
@ Sapienza Università di Roma

Full stack developer, blockchain
enthusiast, focused on Ethereum
decentralized apps, interested also
in BrainComputer Interface and
Machine learning

All that glitters is not gold!

Recent legislation in the field of agri-food has allowed the sale of poor quality EVOO, mixed, too old, flavor and color are chemically altered. These passages aren’t transparently exposed to the final consumer, ruining the image of the italian EVOO.

New technologies to save old flavours

Using Ethereum, a blockchain platform, we can distribute decentralized data and certify all the steps in the olive oil supply chain, encouraging the production and purchase of high quality products made in Italy certified and safe!

Each product has its own history

The Devoleum app will be an exclusive marketplace for olive growers who will be part of our blockchain. The final consumer through the app and smart tags placed on the products (like qr code) will be able to see all the steps of each single product from the comfort of his smartphone.


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